Ingersoll Rand 91729350 replacement

Ingersoll Rand 91729350 separator filter replacement

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The Ingersoll Rand 91729350 separator filter replacement, like any Air / Oil Separator (Separator filter) is one of the core elements in all Rotary Screw Compressors other than the uncommon Oil Free Compressors. The Separator Filter Acts to remove the oil from the compressed air releasing from the sump tank out to the air line leading to the plant. Inside the sump tank the compressed air is mixed with oil and the separator lets the air filter through while keeping the oil.

An air oil separator must be changed according to manufacturer specifications as failure can cause damage to the machine as well as allow oil to pass through the airlines into the plant which can ultimately destroy control systems, reap havoc on air dryers, and just cause a lot of unnecessary damage. A separator that clogs entirely is under pressure and could possibly "flash" inside the tank which could cause irreparable damage to the screw compressor itself.

TAS Air Compressor Parts takes pride in distributing the highest quality separate filters on the market. Our Separators are sold at pricing below the norm for the industry. We take pride in helping our customers fulfill their filtration needs at a savings without compromising the quality of their products. We are able to do this due to customer loyalty, volume, and efficiency in our own business.

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